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Plan Ahead – Buy Ahead – Grocery Shopping

Before I begin this tip – let me give credit where credit is due: Our friends Greg and Diane (their names have been changed to protect the innocent) told us about this one…. We were out walking one day when we bumped into our friends Greg and Diane. They had recently purchased a motorhome and wanted to give us a tour. We were all for it since we love looking at other people’s rigs. We jumped right in. Greg took Russ for a tour of the outside – basement storage – the works. I went inside with Diane and we started in the front. She began opening draws and cabinets to show me all the room they had. She revealed a 3 drawer area where the washer/dryer was suppose … Read entire article »

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The Next Exit

This is a fabulous reference guide. We use this book just as much as we use our map books. Always open on the dash, ready at a moments notice. I think we just fell onto this book. Russ found it left behind in a camper that he had sold. The prior owners long gone…. He brought it home, and I thought to myself – “great, another item to take up space” – but my opinion changed the first time I used it! The major highways and interstates in each state are included, with a listing of (almost) everything that is located off each of the exits. You might be thinking to yourself: “Well there are signs on the highways that tell me that”. But those signs don’t … Read entire article »

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Save space – Buy a Kindle!

Let’s face it, there is only so much space in your RV and then there’s no more. You can’t build on another room, you can’t add a second story. What you have is what you got. Because of this, taking along a bunch of extra books and games is not always very practical. The extra room, if any is typically taken up by something that can’t be purchased “at a good price” wherever we are going. Just before we departed to FL, I decided to buy myself a Kindle.And what a great investment! Since I purchased the Kindle that comes with the free “3G and Wireless”, this has allowed me to download books (or games) regardless of whether the campground has wireless services or not. I just turn on … Read entire article »

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Werda Hecamiat

For those who need translation: “Where-The-Heck-Am-I-At” A visit to beautiful Lake Panasoffkee, FL is not complete withouth a meal at the Werda Hecamiat Fishing Logde – also known as the “Cracker Shack” by the locals and snow birds. We first discovered the restaurant back in 2008 – it was recommended to us by some friends. We were told that the meals were good and the price was right. Little did we know we were in for some true cooking greatness at really affordable prices. At our first visit, I had the “Sampler” and Russ had the “Prime Rib.” The “Sampler” included the following, all fried: 2 mushrooms, 2 chicken wings, 2 chicken strips, 2 shrimp, 2 scallops, and 2 large pieces of fish. The food nearly fell of the plate there … Read entire article »

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