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Best RV For Your Pet

Choosing an RV that best suits your pet…now what’s that all about? Recently we’ve had several people ask that question. And we’re a bit stumped. Shouldn’t the question be: What is the right pet for our RV? That’s almost like asking what is the best kind of house for my pet. Shouldn’t the question be, what is the best pet for my house? I realize that the questions is probably being asked by people who already have a pet and are looking for a camper…so my answer to you is this: Just be practical! You don’t want a 150 pound, high energy dog in a effeciency appartment if you aren’t willing to take it out several times a day for exercise. And you don’t want a dog … Read entire article »

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Traveling with Pets – Pictures

Traveling with your dog or cat can be really fun. They can be such characters! Today after Shannon and I returned from our walk, I tied her outside while I went inside the motorhome to put away my sweatshirt and her leash. When I returned, only seconds later, I was greeeted with this: A picture’s worth a thousand words……. … Read entire article »

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Dog Park at James Island County Park

Its always great when you find a dog park that is just a few minutes walk from your campground. And we found a wonderful dog park at James Island County Park, in South Carolina. The size of the park is probably about 3 acres. It’s surrounded on 3 sides by water and then the back of the park by fencing. There is a small area for smaller dogs too. There were lots of people and dogs when we visited. With a mix of both local people and guests from the campground. We didn’t encounter any dogs that were unfriendly. All the owners were attentive to their animals. This was a nice change since we’ve had some bad experiences! Shannon (our dog) of course had a wonderful … Read entire article »

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