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Thanks for visiting our site.  We hope you will come by our site often as we will continually add more and more information.  We invite you to do the same, by commenting on our information and adding some of your own. Thanks for stopping by! … Read entire article »

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RV Grills

Traveling by RV and camping would not be complete without a cookout and a plate full of grilled food. Almost as important as the comfort of your camper is the convinece of cooking. Take a look at these great grills, all available at and pick the one that would best suite your needs. Kelty Basecamp Kitchen The Kelty Basecamp Kitchen is a sturdy unit with lots of useable space. It offers plenty of surface area for food preparation and a wind-protected area for your stove. The zip up pantry is great to keep stuff out of site and organized. The unit folds to 8 x 32 and comes with a carry sack. This Kelty Basecamp Kitchen is a deluxe culinary setup, perfect for your next outing! Product Features *Product Dimensions: 20 x 68 … Read entire article »

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Know Your Budget – An RV Buying Tip

So many people go into an RV dealership with the intention of just looking around. But before they know it, some salesman is trying to sell them the most expensive RV on the lot. And why not, right? The salesman is trying to make a living. I can’t say this strongly enough: Know Your Budget!! This includes what you can afford to put down as a deposit AND what you can afford as monthly payments. Keep in mind that what you CAN afford and what you WANT to afford are often two different things. Before you leave the house sit down a moment and compare your monthly income against all your monthly expense. Be sure you know how much can be allocated to your … Read entire article »

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RV Checklist

Moving from campground to campground requires a bit of work. Each time you move you have to “batten down the hatches” so to speak and get your rig ready for the road. Unfortunately, regardless of whether you are in a motorhome, 5th wheel, trailer or pop-up there’s typically some task that gets forgotten. (This is written from the voice of experience!) And missing an item/task can be troubling when you’ve already hit the road. As a result, we have created a checklist. In fact, we have 2 lists, one for the inside and one for the outside. It has saved us several times over the past years, and we continue to add to it. We suggest you create one for yourself…it’s a handy tool! RV Check ListA … Read entire article »

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Best RV For Your Pet

Choosing an RV that best suits your pet…now what’s that all about? Recently we’ve had several people ask that question. And we’re a bit stumped. Shouldn’t the question be: What is the right pet for our RV? That’s almost like asking what is the best kind of house for my pet. Shouldn’t the question be, what is the best pet for my house? I realize that the questions is probably being asked by people who already have a pet and are looking for a camper…so my answer to you is this: Just be practical! You don’t want a 150 pound, high energy dog in a effeciency appartment if you aren’t willing to take it out several times a day for exercise. And you don’t want a dog … Read entire article »

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Plan Ahead – Buy Ahead – Grocery Shopping

Before I begin this tip – let me give credit where credit is due: Our friends Greg and Diane (their names have been changed to protect the innocent) told us about this one…. We were out walking one day when we bumped into our friends Greg and Diane. They had recently purchased a motorhome and wanted to give us a tour. We were all for it since we love looking at other people’s rigs. We jumped right in. Greg took Russ for a tour of the outside – basement storage – the works. I went inside with Diane and we started in the front. She began opening draws and cabinets to show me all the room they had. She revealed a 3 drawer area where the washer/dryer was suppose … Read entire article »

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Take Your Keys

As you gather together your travel bag for the days outting, don’t forget to take your keys. You might be thinking, that’s a ridiculous tip…but what do you think will happen if you leave behind a set of your motor home keys? Perhaps the burgler will decide that he’s going to drive away with your Motor Home instead of just stealing the contents. Same thing with the spare set of car keys. You might be in your car now…but what happens when the burgler returns and decides to drive away with your car in the middle of the night. Boat keys, motor cycle keys, golf-cart keys, or anything that is locked on your site, take the keys with you! It might be a little tedious to take your keys everywhere you go, … Read entire article »

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The Next Exit

This is a fabulous reference guide. We use this book just as much as we use our map books. Always open on the dash, ready at a moments notice. I think we just fell onto this book. Russ found it left behind in a camper that he had sold. The prior owners long gone…. He brought it home, and I thought to myself – “great, another item to take up space” – but my opinion changed the first time I used it! The major highways and interstates in each state are included, with a listing of (almost) everything that is located off each of the exits. You might be thinking to yourself: “Well there are signs on the highways that tell me that”. But those signs don’t … Read entire article »

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Traveling with Pets – Pictures

Traveling with your dog or cat can be really fun. They can be such characters! Today after Shannon and I returned from our walk, I tied her outside while I went inside the motorhome to put away my sweatshirt and her leash. When I returned, only seconds later, I was greeeted with this: A picture’s worth a thousand words……. … Read entire article »

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Save space – Buy a Kindle!

Let’s face it, there is only so much space in your RV and then there’s no more. You can’t build on another room, you can’t add a second story. What you have is what you got. Because of this, taking along a bunch of extra books and games is not always very practical. The extra room, if any is typically taken up by something that can’t be purchased “at a good price” wherever we are going. Just before we departed to FL, I decided to buy myself a Kindle.And what a great investment! Since I purchased the Kindle that comes with the free “3G and Wireless”, this has allowed me to download books (or games) regardless of whether the campground has wireless services or not. I just turn on … Read entire article »

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Eliminate Cooking Odors inside your RV

Do you love cooking but hate the smell it leaves in your camper? Is the smell of bacon, garlic or fish saturated into your rv furniture or your clothing? We have some friends who do a lot of “serious cooking” when they are camping. They don’t just do hamburgers and hotdogs…they do tenderloins, turkeys and 3 course breakfasts. They also have a camper that smells like it just came out of the show room. Their secret? They do ALL their cooking outside! We recently purchased a skillet, like the one pictured above, and have started cooking almost everything outside too. Eggs & Bacon, taco’s, fried fish, stir-fry, and lots of other great things that aren’t so easily done on a grill. We have found that not only does it relieve … Read entire article »

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