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Best RV For Your Pet

Choosing an RV that best suits your pet…now what’s that all about?

Recently we’ve had several people ask that question. And we’re a bit stumped. Shouldn’t the question be: What is the right pet for our RV? That’s almost like asking what is the best kind of house for my pet. Shouldn’t the question be, what is the best pet for my house?

I realize that the questions is probably being asked by people who already have a pet and are looking for a camper…so my answer to you is this: Just be practical!

You don’t want a 150 pound, high energy dog in a effeciency appartment if you aren’t willing to take it out several times a day for exercise. And you don’t want a dog that is distructive and chews if you aren’t willing to buy lots of chew-toys and keep it in a kennel when you aren’t around to watch it.

Let’s face it, your pet doesn’t care about how much storage your camper has, nor does it care about whether the furniture is fabric or leather. It probably doesn’t even care about where you camp. All you pet really cares about is food, exercise, chew toys and YOU!

So the real question is, what do you care about?

Basically, any pet will probably do just fine in any camper provided you work to make it work!

Here is a little bit about our pets and things we’ve done to make it work:

We are lucky that both our furry friends love the RVing lifestyle. But it wasn’t always like that. When we first started traveling, Simon (the cat) hated it. We were traveling in a 5th wheel originally and Simon hated riding in the truck in his carry-cage. He would cry and meow and carry on for hours withouth quitting. It was awlful! What we eventually learned was that once we were on the road driving, we could let him out and he was fine. He would find his way to the dash board and settle down for the days drive. And if he wasn’t there, he was in my lap or sitting quietly in the backseat. No noise out of him what-so-ever!

When we got the motorhome, he was so happy. Since he was able to wander around his “house” while we drove he was immediately content! Typically he just curls up on the dash when we drive.

And as far as the camping aspect of things is concerned. He loves it. He is kept entertained wherever we go with new scenery and animals to watch. He is the best camper kitty ever!

Shannon (the dog) is fine too. She rode great in the car, so moving her into the motorhome for traveling was a step up in luxury for her. And camping with her is great. She is happy to be tied outside (and supervised at all times) and watch the world go by. We make sure she has an ample supply of chew toys which includes raw-hides in addition to sticks and pinecones. Honestly, she’s just happy that she is near us

But I guess the question is still, what is the best pet (or camper)?

There are a few things that can make any pet great or bad for camping. Whether it’s with toys, walks or other activities, a preoccupied and tired pet is a happy pet. Dogs, certainly, are less apt to get into trouble if they are busy with something constructive. If your dog loves to chew – make sure he has an ample supply of chew-toys so he/she doesn’t start chewing on your couch. And make sure your dog gets lots of exercise. There is no better motivator to get outside and explore then a dog that needs to be walked.

Again, almost any pet will be fine in any camper…just pay attention to it’s need, just like you would in your house.

*Let us know what you have done to make camping with your pet(s) fun for everyone!

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3 Responses to "Best RV For Your Pet"

  1. Jay Bork says:

    If you have pets and want to buy a class A with lots of sleeping for guest or family we just purchased an ACE from Thor Motrorcoach.

    It was the only motorhome designed around pets. Id look at it on

  2. Sandra says:

    Hello Randy!
    Thankfully our cat is not curious enough to investigate fully under the dash. My suggestion would be to put a towel or small rug up behind the gas and brake pedal. Of Course however, always remove it before you start driving.

  3. Randy says:

    My concern is that our old cat will climb up into the dash where there are wires, fuses etc… Any suggestions?

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