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RV Body/Roof Damage Insurance Claims

I want to let RV owners know that it’s important to have their RV repaired if you experience an accident. Backing into a site or parking it in your driveway could result in some damage.

I’ve seen many damaged RV’s and asked the owner about having it repaired. The most common response is,”I’m not worried about it” or It’s just a small accident…etc. That’s ok until you want to trade or sell the camper. That is where it can cost you lots of lost value.

The next potential customer may want a nice looking non damaged RV and pass on buying your unit. If you are trading your unit ,the value will be lowered if there is damage. Find an RV Repair Center that has the capability of repairing your rv and restoring it to new/original condition. If you are a full timer,there are repair centers that can accomodate your stay at the repair shop while your rv is getting repaired.

It is most importand to deal with any issues regarding roof damage immediately. It’s a great idea to inspect your RV including the roof after each trip. This will also allow you to inspect the seals in the roof around the vents etc. If there is any cracking or evidence of damage, get it fixed A.S.A.P! Insurance claims will pay for roof repairs/replacement and any other damage.

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  1. repair rv roof says:

    I definitely agree with your article about getting leaks because they will cost you a lot more in insurance claims. Every winter when I pull my rv out from my storage area I always inspect it for leaks and if I have any leaks I fill the leak with Eternabond. I have had my rv for 17 years and I think that Eternabond is the quickest, easiest rv leak fixer on the market.

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