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Plan Ahead – Buy Ahead – Grocery Shopping

Before I begin this tip – let me give credit where credit is due: Our friends Greg and Diane (their names have been changed to protect the innocent) told us about this one….

We were out walking one day when we bumped into our friends Greg and Diane. They had recently purchased a motorhome and wanted to give us a tour.

We were all for it since we love looking at other people’s rigs. We jumped right in.

Greg took Russ for a tour of the outside – basement storage – the works. I went inside with Diane and we started in the front.

She began opening draws and cabinets to show me all the room they had. She revealed a 3 drawer area where the washer/dryer was suppose to go. Greg had put the hardware in and made the cabinet into drawers. (They don’t like combo washer/dryer units). She showed me the fancy couch that pulled out to a recliner and made sure to show me the fireplace.

Diane then proceeded to the bedroom where she opened up closest and draws and showed me various uses for plastic storage container. Then she popped up the bed.

I nearly fell over from what I saw.

It was packed to the brim with cans of vegetables, boxes of pasta, containers of coffee and boxes of trash bags. And that was just the layer I saw.

“What’s all this?” I asked.

She grinned from ear to ear. “This is my stash” she said. “I always load up on groceries at home before I travel south. The grocery prices are so much better at home and this stuff will keep for months. It’s the only way to go!”

“Well fancy that” I thought to myself. “What a great idea.”

Since that time, since that tour from my good friend Diane, Russ and I have followed their lead. We stock up on lots of things at home that we KNOW will be really expensive in Florida. Especially coffee. We can buy it at home for about 5 to 6 dollars. In Florida it’s hard to find it for less then 10 dollars.

I think this winter we’ve saved ourselves over $200 in grocery and personal items. Not to mention the gas saved in trips taken to the grocery store. We buy our fresh vegetables at the farmers market and meat and diary at the grocery store, but we rely largely on the stash under the bed for the rest. Coffee, cereal, pasta, soups, salad dressing, trash bags. And since we purchased most of it at a “BJ’s” the cost was even cheaper!

We highly recommend doing this, even if it’s just a few items that are purchased at home. It can save lots of money – and it’s definately convenient!

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