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RV Checklist

Moving from campground to campground requires a bit of work. Each time you move you have to “batten down the hatches” so to speak and get your rig ready for the road.

Unfortunately, regardless of whether you are in a motorhome, 5th wheel, trailer or pop-up there’s typically some task that gets forgotten. (This is written from the voice of experience!) And missing an item/task can be troubling when you’ve already hit the road.

As a result, we have created a checklist. In fact, we have 2 lists, one for the inside and one for the outside. It has saved us several times over the past years, and we continue to add to it. We suggest you create one for yourself…it’s a handy tool!

RV Check List
A great checklist for RVers that takes you through the pre-buying inspection process, the Pdi, and then what to do and look out for when setting up and breaking camp.

Below is our list, in no particular order, and an explanation of some of the items. We recommend that you create your own list – but feel free to use our list as a guide.

Outside Checklist:

  • Drain Tanks
  • Clean Septic Hoses
  • Fresh Water Fill – we always make sure our fresh water supply is full, just in case we go to a campground site that doesn’t have water.
  • Close Valves. (Black and Grey Tanks)
  • Close Awning and Secure
  • Lock Lower Storage Doors
  • Dump All Trash
  • Pick up levels, logs, etc.
  • Pick up dog/pet items
  • Close Slides
  • Put All Stuff in RV. (Chairs, grill, bikes, etc.)
  • Roll Rug and store
  • Check Oil/Antifreeze/Transmission/Tires
  • Take Picture of Site. (We like to have a picture of each campground we stay at)

Inside List:

  • Secure Dishes/Cabinets (We use our couch pillows to secure items and to stop the rattling)
  • Secure food in cabinets. (Just like it says – we secure the food so it doesn’t move around. Again, pillows are a great tool for this)
  • Check Frig (we arrange the frig items so they don’t move around or tip)
  • Remove items from windows/shelves
  • Secure TV (Our bedroom TV is freestanding in a cabinet. We use a blanket to cover and secure it)
  • Lock shower and secure items
  • Lock Closets
  • Tie-back bedroom doors
  • Secure curtains
  • Secure chairs (freestanding chairs inside)
  • Close Roof Vents
  • Turn ON Water Pump
  • Turn OFF Water Heater
  • Turn off all lights
  • Furnace/Air OFF
  • Toll Money
  • We always make sure we have money available to pay for tolls.

We have a few other items on our list, but they are specific to our needs, like making sure I have an extra sweater close by, in addition, making sure the dog crate and the kitty box are secure. I’m sure you will have a few tasks/items that will be specific to your needs.

What is on your checklist? Share it with our readers!

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